Monday, July 5, 2010

A Quick Word... Because My Laptop is the Ultimate Shiny Object

I just got back from a lovely July 4th weekend with the Weavers. We hung out on the boat and then stuffed ourselves with hotdogs and the most delicious strawberry pizza ever. Thankfully, the order was not reversed. Food babies and bathing suits don't mix.

This is pretty much the last thing I should be doing right now, so I guess it's pretty predictable that I'm sitting in front of my laptop instead of studying or cleaning up my room/bathroom or folding clothes or making my bed or buying dog food. This whole responsibility thing is for the birds. I want my little kid summers back with the slip and slides in the backyard made from sprinklers, shower curtains, drying insulation tubes and Dawn.

The only outside time I'm sure to get these days is during the already sticky, early morning walk to Brody. At least we have a few weeks of break to look forward to. 25 days until Gross is over. Unbelievable. It feels like an eternity. I just hope I survive. If I were a less ADD person, I wouldn't waste my time hoping when I could actually be studying. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride, right? Back to the drag... but not before I turn up the Tom Petty and/or Billy Joel and dance-clean around my house.

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