Sunday, June 20, 2010

The 'Dids are back!

Well, I'm back to a bit of writing. Just thought that if I'm going to claim to be a writer, I should probably do some of it instead of drowning in anatomy books. Maybe I'm just kidding myself, but this feels like productivity...

For those of you who weren't on the list-serve for my original Katydids, let me explain the title. (Because if I don't, you won't know that I'm not a complete lame-o...) Basically, on the Bales side of the family, I was the first grandkid, and thus was immortalized in song. :) Something like "Look at what little Katy did, she brightened up all of our lives, she carries the spark of which we're all a part..." My uncle wrote it. He's always writing silly and not-so-silly songs for every occasion, is in local plays, Morris dances (yes, I know no one knows what that is)... basically he's a ham, but in the good silly way that most of our family seems to be capable of from time to time. I'm actually waiting for a call back from him about the lyrics just because I'm curious. I may post them later if I get the notion.

I should definitely be looking over my flash cards that I made for the muscles of the leg and pelvis. My roommate Bama (a.k.a. Amanda) and our friend Emily are in the other room surrounded by pictures of genitalia and the lower extremities, notecards strewn about like an anatomy pinata just exploded. I do feel a little guilty and that may make this a short post, but I thought I should get back on the blogging horse while I felt the urge.

Things are going well in grad school so far I suppose. I don't have the grades I'd like yet, but I haven't mastered the whole "studying-every-moment-of-my-waking-life" thing the way some of my classmates have. It's not like I'm not doing decently well. I have solid Bs, and as the second years reminded us, "Bs get DPTs," but I'd like to make As to stay equal to my classmates and create a bit of a cushion for myself with the whole required 3.0 thing. Ya know, just in case another class doesn't go so well in the future and I make a dreaded C.

Socially, I'm really enjoying Greenville. My classmates are all solid, good-natured people, and we seem to get along well. My friend Jesse and Molly (my sister) came into town this weekend, and last night, along with Bama and Emily and Emily's beau Alex, we managed to turn Jenga, Twister and Scattergories into drinking games. Emily and Alex even came by some moonshine (which I only took a sip of, because it smelled like pure death).

So I lucked into a roommate who I get along with (Thanks, Facebook!), I've been out with a few potential suitors, and it's awesome having Lindsey and Beth right around the corner. I've been going to the gym a lot lately with Lindsey. I figure the endorphins that I get from that may help me through my stress over gross, and hey, you need exercise too right? If I'd rather run than study, you know studying is brutal! Brutal, but worth it, and more often than not, I feel confident that I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

So that's my life in a nutshell at the moment. ("This is a bloody huge nutshell! How did I get in this nutshell?!" Anyone, anyone?) I tried to keep it brief, but you know me... or maybe you don't, this being cyberspace and all... Anyway, I'm rambling and it's 12:30 a.m. and I have to go cut open dead people in a few short hours. I'm out of practice, so don't judge me on this, but just rest assured, the 'Dids are back... more or less. (That means you, Courtney!)

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