Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If I Only Had a Brain

As I went to lay my weary head on the pillow just a moment ago, I noticed that my hair was wet. Still wet from the shower I just took after a long day of cadavers, knee palpations and running at the gym.

And I realized that I haven't picked up my hair dryer in about a month. I've been the queen of frizz and air-drying. It's also a rare occasion that I wear anything that isn't part of a Soffe shorts and T-shirt combo. I switch back and forth between two pairs of shoes, my tennis shoes and my Rainbows, leaving a closet full of sandals and heels collecting dust. I've been using the same purse for about 2 months, and my Coach and Longchamp bags remain on the shelf.

I can blame it partially on summer, but I'm not sure that's the whole story. In short, I'm living in Brody, Laupus Library, the Health Sciences building and my apartment. None of which require a varied wardrobe.

The funny thing about that is that lately I've written a few fashion articles for The Rocky Mount Telegram. I'm the 20-something fashion expert without fashion.

I'm going to have to step up my game again though. A single gal can't be running around in gym clothes and a ponytail ALL the time. I'm going to try to cut back to most of the time.

On another note, I held my first human brain today. Not everyone can say that they've done that. I rinsed off the formaldehyde, flipped that bad boy over and bam, there's the optic nerve clear as day. Just like it is in the atlas. Then it hits me. 'Hey, I've got one of those too.' And one of those, and one of those, and one of those. Wow, head and neck is going to be a doozie to say the least.

But I do find everything really interesting. (Everyday does unfortunately bring to mind a new reference to The Wizard of Oz for whatever reason. Mostly the whole 'Snip, snip here. Snip, snip there.' part in the Emerald City. The difference is in the material being snipped.) The human body is this intricate machine, and I held the command center in the palm of my hand. A brain is a pretty heavy thing too. I'd say at least 5 pounds. I'm pretty impressed that we hold it up as well as we do.

Speaking of holding up heads with brains in them, I'm about done holding mine up for the day. I think I'll get back to the wet hair on pillow action. It'll be a pretty morning. Thank God for hair ties.

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